Erika Tóth

Associated professor
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Research topics:
microbial ecology, microbiology of oligotrophic environments, bacterial taxonomy
PhD 2001; Habilitation 2012
Associated Professor
Head of the Department of Microbiology

Szuróczki Sára (PhD): Bacterial communities in Lake Fertő
Lippai Anett (PhD): Study of microbial communities in thermal baths, effect of bathing
Pándics Tamás (PhD): Microbiological and chemical risk assesment in public baths
Somodi Csenge (MSc): Early warning system(s) in study of different waters
Buni Dominika (MSc): Taxonomic description of novel bacterial species
Marwene Toumi (PhD): Study of oligotrophic bacterial communities
Gorkhmaz Abbasszade (PhD): Heavy metal resistant bacteria in contaminated urban soils
Farkas Rózsa (PhD)