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Kecse-Nagy, Cs. (Biology, BSc): Invertebrate pathogenic bacteria, and biological pest control
Balonyi, Á. (Biology, BSc): The role of nitrification in drinking water quality deterioration
Szeniczey, T. (Biology, BSc): Indication of tuberculosis in fossile bones, and possibilities of molecular detection
Polgár_Bereczky, K. (MIcrobiology): Detection and identification of Campylobacter spp. in a Hungarian turkey farm
Mészáros, É. (Environmental science, PhD): Community metabolism in dehalorespirative decomposition of short chain chlorinated hydrocarbons
Palatinszky, M. (Biology, PhD): Biases of the molecular techniques used in environmental phylospecies detection
Nagymáté, Zs. (Environmental science, PhD): Investigation of the microbiology of drinking water nitrification