Borsodi, A.K., Kiss, R.I., Cech, G., Vajna, B., Tóth, E.M., Márialigeti, K. 2010. Diversity and activity of cultivable aerobic planktonic bacteria of a saline lake located in Sovata, Romania. Folia Microbiologica, 55, 461-466.

Aerobic bacterial strains from the salt water of Lake Red (Sovata, Romania) were cultivated. More than half of the 80 strains were G- and formed motile straight rods. Only a few strains produced acid from D-glucose and reduced nitrate to nitrite. Optimum NaCl concentration for growth varied between 5 and 15 % in the majority of the strains, so the isolates were regarded moderately halophilic. On the basis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence similarity almost half of the strains were identified as members of genus Halomonas. Other strains belonged to genera Marinobacter, Psychrobacter, Serratia, Morganella (Gamma-Proteobacteria), Bacillus, Exiguobacterium, Planococcus (Firmicutes), and Arthrobacter, Micrococcus, Microbacterium, and Nesterenkonia (Actinobacteria).

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