Development of a microbial monitoring system, and its application in full-scale production of stable, high yield oyster mushroom substrate

Identifier of application: 
GAK – lasu1234-OMFB-00977/2005
Károly Márialigeti
Participants: Balázs Vajna
2005-10-01 - 2008-09-30
The key for the profitable oyster mushroom production is the continuously good quality, high yield substrate. A good quality substrate is characterized by i. adequate C/N/P/Mn ratio, with a suitably pre-digested lignified cellulose content; ii. absence of competing and pathogenic microorganisms; and thus iii. rapid and strong growth of mycelia and good yield in three flashes. In the Hungarian practice oyster mushroom substrate is produced in a three phase, in part controlled, directed partial composting. The process control is based practically on the measurement of a single physical parameter (temperature - time diagram), and process development is on empirical basis. European countries in vanguard of production (e.g. Italy, Spain) base the process control on continuous monitoring of complex physico-chemical parameters. As it is evident from the international literature of the field, control and directing of microbial processes (e.g. application of inoculants) has been started.
The goal of the grant application is to develop the technology at the enterpize producing 80 % of the Hungarian oyster mushroom substrate, based on the tunig opportunities as listed:
- qualification of the base material (straw) and adjustment of C/N/P/Mn content ratio;
- pre-treatment of straw in order to influence the microbial processes at partial composting;
- exchange of the presently used tapwater for technological waters in wetting - at least in part - used simultaneously for nutrient content adjustment, and microbial inoculation;
- control of competing and pathogenic microbes with direeted development of the partial composting process;
- characterization of the stable and high yield oyster mushroom substrate by molecular microbial fingerprint technologies.