György, E., Mara, G., Máthé, I., Laslo, E., Márialigeti, K., Albert, B., Oancea, F., Lányi, S. 2010. Characterization and diversity of the nitrogen fixing microbiota from a specific grassland habitat in the Ciuc Mountains. Romanian Biotechnological Letters, 15, 5474-5481.

This study presents the result of a screening of symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacteria from a specific mountainous grassland habitat lying at 1200 m above sea level in the Ciuc Mountains. A number of 50 bacterial isolates from rhizosphere and from the nodules of 14 specific leguminous plant species are presented and characterized. Pure cultures were obtained on selective media. The characterization of the isolated pure cultures through colony morphology analysis, cellular morphology and biochemical properties are discussed. From the 50 chosen bacteria isolates 20 possess morphologic, culture and physiologic properties systematically characteristic of Rhizobia and 16S rDNA gene characterization showed a great genetic diversity of our isolates.

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