Kalwasińska, A., Felföldi, T., Walczak, M., Kosobucki, P. 2015. Physiology and molecular phylogeny of bacteria isolated from alkaline distillery lime. Polish Journal of Microbiology, 64, 369-377.
This paper presents the results of the research on the number, taxonomic composition, and biochemical properties of bacterial strains isolated from the alkaline Solvay distillery lime, deposited at the repository in Janikowo (central Poland). Fifteen strains out of 17 were facultative alkaliphiles and moderate halophiles, and two were alkalitolerants and moderate halophiles. The number of aerobic bacteria cultured in alkaline lime was approximately 105 CFU ml–1, and the total number of bacteria was 107 cells g–1. According to 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis, nine strains belonged to the genus Bacillus, six to the genus Halomonas, one to the genus Planococcus, and one to the genus Microcella. Strains that hydrolyse starch and protein were the most numerous. Esterase (C4) and esterase lipase (C8) were detected in the majority of bacterial strains. Twelve strains exhibited α-glucosidase activity and nine, naphtol-AS-BI-phosphohydrolase activity. The present study proves that alkaliphilic bacteria of this type may constitute a source of potentially useful extremozymes.
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