Tóth, E.M., Schumann, P., Borsodi, A.K., Kéki, Zs., Kovács, A.L., Márialigeti, K. 2008. Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica gen. nov., sp nov., a new gammaproteobacterium isolated from Wohlfahrtia magnifica (Diptera: Sarcophagidae). International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 58, 976-981.
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New Gammaproteobacteria were isolated from 3rd stage fly larvae of the parasitic fly Wohlfahrtia magnifica. Phylogenetic analysis of the new isolates showed that these bacteria belong to a distinct lineage close to Ignatzschineria larvae, which was originally isolated from the same species of fly. The low similarity values in 16S rRNA gene sequences (93.8-94.8%), and differences in fatty acid profiles, RiboPrint patterns, MALDI-TOF mass spectra of cell extracts, and physiological and biochemical characteristics differentiate the isolates from the type strain of Ignatzschineria larvae (DSM 13226(T)), and indicate that our isolates represent a new genus within the Gammaproteobacteria. The major isoprenoid quinone of the strains is 08, the major fatty acids are C-18:1 and C-14:0, and the predominant polar lipids are phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylserine. The G+C content of the DNA of the type strain is 44.3 mol%. The name Wohlfahrtiimonas chitiniclastica gen. nov., sp. nov., is proposed for this novel genus and species. The type strain is S5(T) (=DSM 18708(T)= CCM 7401(T)).

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