Kröpf, K., Vladár, P., Szabó, K., Ács, É., Borsodi, A.K., Szikora, S., Caroli, S., Záray, Gy. 2006. Chemical and biological characterisation of biofilms formed on different substrata in Tisza river (Hungary). Environmental Pollution, 144, 626-631.
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Natural biofilms were simultaneously grown on granite, polished granite, andesite, polycarbonate and Plexi-glass substrata for six weeks in the Tisza River. Biofilm production and abundance of algae were influenced by the substratum. Magnitude of the substratum effect was andesite < polished granite < Plexi-glass < granite < polycarbonate. The benthic diatom community on polycarbonate had a high population of Achnantes helvetica. Bacterial activity was similar among substrates for 95 different carbon sources. The concentrations of essential elements and heavy metal pollutants (Zn, Ni, Pb and Cu) were highest in biofilms on polished granite or granite. On basis of algological, bacteriological and chemical investigations, as well as literature data, the Plexi-glass substratum is recommended for biomonitoring of river benthic microbiota. The Plexi-glass substrate is recommended for monitoring river benthic microbiota.

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