Gombos, E., Felföldi, T., Barkács, K., Vértes, C., Vajna, B., Záray, G. 2012. Ferrate treatment for inactivation of bacterial community in municipal secondary effluent. Bioresource Technology, 107, 116-121.
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This paper demonstrates the effect of ferrate [Fe(VI)-compound], an environmental friendly multi-purpose
reagent, in municipal secondary effluent treatment. The purpose was to study the inactivation capability of
ferrate and for the first time to compare the effect and efficiency of Fe(VI) with the widely used disinfectant,
chlorine gas on the indigenous bacterial community in the case of secondary effluents. The most probable
number technique (MPN) was applied for the determination of cultivable heterotrophic bacterial abundance
and terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) analysis for comparing bacterial
communities. The study demonstrated that (i) ferrate and chlorine had different effect on the total bacterial
community of secondary effluents, (ii) low ferrate dose [5 mg L(-1) Fe(VI)] was sufficient for >99.9% reduction
of indigenous bacteria, and (iii) a similar dosage was also effective in the inactivation of chlorine-resistant

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