Felföldi, T., Selvarajan, R., Somogyi, B., Krett, G., Jurecska, L., Szabó, A., Vörös, L., Márialigeti, K., Máthé, I. 2016. Winter planktonic microbial communities in highland aquatic habitats. Geomicrobiology Journal , 33, 494-504.
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Winter conditions in aquatic habitats of the temperate zone markedly differ from those present in warmer seasons, nevertheless, relatively scarce information is available on planktonic microbial composition, as sites are not easily accessible and it was supposed traditionally that microbial activity is low during this cold period. Since microorganisms could have great impact on the ecosystem even during winter, we explored various sites in the Eastern Carpathians regarding the abundance and taxonomic composition of planktonic microorganisms. Although many of the studied environments were extreme habitats, planktonic microbial communities were abundant and mostly diverse with the presence of previously unidentified taxa.
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