Bódai, V., Nagy-Győr, L., Örkényi, R., Molnár, Zs., Kohári, Sz., Erdélyi, B., Nagymáté, Zs., Romsics, Cs., Paizs, Cs., Poppe, L., Hornyánszky, L. 2016. Wickerhamomyces subpelliculosus as whole-cell biocatalyst for stereoselective bioreduction of ketones. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 134, 206-214.
Rövid leírás: 
Newly isolated strains of Wickerhamomyces subpelliculosus were recognized as excellent whole-cell biocatalyst for bioreduction of various ketones. The biocatalytic properties of the newstrains were demonstrated in this study by stereoselective bioreduction of acetophenone 1a,2-heptanone 1b, phenylacetone 1c, 3,4-dimethoxyphenylacetone 1d and 1-cyclopropyl-2-(2-methoxy-4-nitrophenoxy)ethanone 1e. Our study is the first report on application of W. subpelliculosus aswhole-cell biocatalyst for stereoselective bioreduction of prochiral ketones. In these processes, both thefreshly harvested cell paste and the lyophilized cell powder were tested as biocatalyst using glucose or2-propanol at various concentrations as cosubstrates for cofactor regeneration. The newly isolated strainsof W. subpelliculosus showed diverse characteristics, including optimal pH, temperature and organic sol-vent tolerance. Bioreductions of phenylacetone 1c applying glucose as cosubstrate under various mildconditions resulted (S)-1-phenylpropanol [(S)-2c] in good to excellent conversion (c = 63.4%–99.9%) withexcellent enantiomeric excess [ee(S)-2c= 98.7%–99.8%].